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Monthly Archives: June 2016

    Thinking to Rent Thursday

    By Terry O'Brien | June 30, 2016

    Have you been thinking about renting your home? Here we discuss some procedures and pros versus cons.  Some reasoning behind renting your home may be; the market is in trouble, you tried to sell your home but couldn’t, it may be the best option for you if you are planning on moving back to that... Read More

    Waterfront Wednesday: Alexandria Bay

    By Terry O'Brien | June 30, 2016

    Alexandria is known as “The Heart of the Thousand Islands” and has so much to offer, especially in the summer months! Located on the spectacular St. Lawrence Seaway, Alexandria Bay offers much more than just a summer getaway. Year-round the area is beautiful and hosts a wonderful and welcoming community. In the summer months, possibilities... Read More

    Tip of the Day Tuesday: How to Get Started in Real Estate

    By Terry O'Brien | June 29, 2016

    It is not extremely hard to become a real estate agent, but it can be difficult to be a GREAT one. Below we have some tips that many of our agents use to succeed. In order to gain a real estate license, it is required that you take a pre-licensing course and then pass a... Read More

    Market Value Monday: Watertown, NY

    By Terry O'Brien | June 27, 2016

    Today we will discuss and explore different factors of the real estate market in Watertown, NY. During the last few years our county has seen an influx of population, partially due to Fort Drum, of about 1.7%. This has had both positive and negative effects on our real estate market. With the influx of people... Read More

    Financial Friday: Bankruptcy & Foreclosures

    By Terry O'Brien | June 25, 2016

    While many aspects of the real estate industry are positive, bankruptcy and foreclosure are two things you want to avoid.  Since the economic recession of 2008, our nation has seen some pretty difficult times that resulted in retractions from many markets and we saw foreclosures and bankruptcies of all kinds. Financial crises are extremely disastrous... Read More

    Thinking to Invest Thursday

    By Terry O'Brien | June 24, 2016

    There are various types of investments to be made in the Real Estate market, which we will discuss today.  There are several different types of properties that you can invest in, each bring their own unique qualities to the table. Today we will discuss these different types of property and what they mean for investors.... Read More

    Waterfront Wednesday: Selling

    By Terry O'Brien | June 22, 2016

    Today we are going to discuss tips we have for selling a waterfront home as opposed to buying one.  When selling a waterfront home, it is important to understand that marketing and selling will be a bit different since your home has its own unique aspects. Be sure to communicate clearly with your BridgeView agent... Read More

    Tip of the Day Tuesday: Timing

    By Terry O'Brien | June 21, 2016

    Selling your home quickly can be amazing, if timed right with the purchase of your new home.  Although it doesn’t happen to everyone, selling a home almost immediately can be extremely thrilling and rewarding. However, here at BridgeView we are here to remind you of the precautions you should take before immediately signing the dotted... Read More

    Market Monday: Adding Value to Your Home

    By Terry O'Brien | June 21, 2016

    Today we give you tips on how to maximize the value of our home, possible through easy and affordable fixes. Meet with your BridgeView agent to discuss the protocols of getting an inspection done on your home long before pricing. A home inspector can help you see the things that you may not be able... Read More

    Financial Friday: DON’Ts When Buying

    By Terry O'Brien | June 17, 2016

    Today we discuss some important things NOT TO DO when you are preparing to buy a new home.  Oftentimes we only focus on the financial Do’s when buyers should really be made aware of the Don’ts. It is important not to change your job before applying for loans. This is not the time to be... Read More