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Are New Homes Better Than Old Homes?

In the real estate market, new is not always better.


There are plenty of buyers out there who are only looking to purchase new construction. This can especially be a request in the north county as more and more homes are being built in complexes and suburbs to account for the influx in movers from Fort Drum military base. However, there is a lot of history in these north country towns, and plenty of old homes are up for sale regularly. Just because they aren’t shiny and new doesn’t mean that old homes have less to offer. In many cases, older homes have more potential to offer more than newer homes.


Location is a key factor in real estate and plenty of older homes in the north country are in prime locations. If you are looking for a home closer to the city, your workplace, or your children’s school, an older home may be better suited for you and your family. When thinking of purchasing a home it is important to remember that just because the house is not new does not mean it can’t be a modern style or remodeled. Newer does not necessarily mean better quality, it just means new. Some older homes in the north country have been updated and remodeled while offering prime locations for buyers.


For those homes that have not been updated or renovated, they can offer plenty of uniqueness and character. Vintage homes are rich with history and offer different approaches to each room. Older homes in the north country are usually in well established neighborhoods, especially on the waterfront and in the city of Watertown.


It is important to keep an open mind as a buyer and find a home that best suits your needs. Call a BridgeView agent today to get started!

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