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Buyers Agents v. Listing Agents

When you enter the real estate market, it is important to note the different types of agents involved in the sale.

A buyers agent is also known as a “selling agent” in real estate and is the agent you would work with if looking for a home in the market. These are the agents that will show you homes and do their best to match you to the best home for you. At BridgeView, we have some of the best buyers agents in all of the North Country. Certain buyers agents can provide you with free services and help to walk you through the buying process as well as draw up contracts for you. They are certainly valuable assets to have rather than taking on the venture alone. These agents work hand in hand with listing agents, who are in charge of selling homes on the behalves of others in the market.

Listing agents are representatives of the sellers and do the most they can to get the property sold. The main goals of the listing agents include selling the property quickly, getting the desired offer that the sellers want, and doing their best to cater to the sellers needs. Listing agents can also help the sellers choose buyers and is obligated to share all known information with them about the sale. Here at BridgeView we have several different tactics we use to help our listing agents sell houses. This includes the use of drones to take professional pictures of properties, connecting them with other agents and realities, and assisting with marketing strategies. A good and experienced listing agent is so important when selling a home, and many can be found here at BridgeView.

It is also important to note that there is a difference between strictly buyers agents and strictly listing agents. If the agent is only a buyers agent they are not allowed to show you properties from their own brokerage. A dual agent is able to show you all properties that are being listed at any given time. Dual agents are plentiful here in the North Country, but it is still good to be informed of the different types of agents that are out there.

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