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Home Decor Trends 2017

Each year new home decor trends sweep the nation. Trends come and go with changing culture, and a few select styles have dominated the 2017 market so far. Popular textures often change, patterns can vary, certain colors become more prominent and different decorations enter the spotlight.

Texture for both walls and decorations are becoming more and more popular throughout American homes. Rather than having flat walls, textured walls can add more to a room and have a definitive style to them. Textured walls decrease the need for decorations to be hung over them, contributing to the less is more phenomenon. With both appliances and decoration, less is more is another huge trend this year. Hiding things like appliances give the home a cleaner and more professional feel by creating more space.

Modern takes of colors and patterns have shifted as well. Bright colors such as greens and yellows are much more popular than they used to be. Brightness and boldness bring excitement into a home and have the ability to light up any dark room. Mixed patterns bring even more excitement and are fun to mix and match with furniture and decorations in a room. Today, people don’t worry so much about things matching and going perfectly together, it’s more about accessorizing and throwing together what you want in a room. Ceramics bring lots of character to a bright room with patterns and are a very modern trend. In recent studies, many homeowners agree with the fact that navy is the new black. It is less harsh and matches with any color scheme or pattern you could have in a room or throughout a home. Raw white has also become popular because it goes with the unpolished and imperfect trend.

Home trends are always changing and this year they are focused on maximizing space and personalizing each and every room.

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