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Hottest Real Estate Apps

In the technological era we live in today, apps are a large part of our everyday life, so here we discuss the best apps to help you as a buyer or seller in the market.

There are so many helpful resources to help us all navigate the real estate market today, we are here to point you in the direction of the best apps for smartphones. We will discuss five widely renowned apps out there that will assist you as a buyer, seller, or both. Zillow,, Trulia, Redfin, and Mortgage Calculator provide a variety of services that should be utilized by all in the market.

Zillow is one of the apps that can help you with every aspect of the buying/selling process. Your listing can be posted in one easy click and you have access to over a million listings that are up for sale or rent. The app can be customized to fit your local needs and can even assist in finding agents and brokerages for you to utilize. Zillow Real Estate also features the new Video Walkthrough, giving users a more realistic view of the home. Through this app there can also be a focus on specific home designs you may be looking for. Real Estate provides access to specific details of homes that refreshes every 15 minutes. On the app, you can find photos of properties and things like property and sales tax history. The app is designed for easy use and makes it incredibly easy to search for exactly what you’re looking for. Like Zillow, the app is free and available for both Android and iOS.

Similar to and Zillow, Trulia has similar features and is also available for Android and iOS and is a free app. Trulia allows you to search through millions of listings with amazing photo galleries and information about neighborhoods, schools and crime rates. There are also other apps by Trulia which specialize in mortgages, rentals, and agents alike.

Redfin is known for its extensive and detailed database that updates information every 15 minutes as well. The app is available in 83 major U.S. markets and has more than 70 million addresses in its database. The search process can be narrowed down significantly by schools, zip code, neighborhood or city. It also makes comparables extremely easy, looking at prices in relation to the market, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, waterfront access, lot size, condition, etc.

Lastly, if you are a buyer looking for a home you should definitely have a mortgage calculator on your phone. One of the most popular mortgage apps is Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans, available for iOS. The app allows users to estimate loan amounts, interest rates and monthly payments of potential homes. With these features available with the click of a button, it makes the house hunt a whole lot easier by giving you quick answers. Contact your BridgeView agent today to discuss even more great apps and tactics to navigate the market!

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  • Another great app Buyers and Sellers can access in Jefferson County is the Northern New York MLS App, called GoNYSMLS, it is free and can be found in the App Store!

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