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Kitchen Renovations

So when is the last time you updated your kitchen?


According to the Houzz Survey, over half of homeowners are upgrading kitchens that were last worked on 21 years ago or more (56%). With this being a long-term commitment and a lasting investment 31% are spending $25-50K on the renovations while 30% spend above $50K.

Flexibility, functionality and personality drive kitchen updates. What drives you? Are you doing the renovations yourself? The survey shows that 87% enlisted the help of a professional. The majority of homeowners find the most valued design aspects of a kitchen at 62% is that it will be stylish and beautiful.

How Much Time do you spend in the kitchen? Along with cooking, eating, baking and entertaining, many socialize, work, watch TV, and read showing that 45% spend 3-4 hours per day in the kitchen.

Making kitchen compatible with the family lifestyle is key. Ease of storage (60%), work/play/live (40%), and entertaining (34%) are top priorities. The open concept is also huge with 48% having their kitchens open to other rooms. Even 2% are cozying up with a fireplace in the kitchen, while 1% are adding a walk-in wine cellar – Cheers!

kitchen2MLS # S346304


Custom storage solutions seem to be what homeowners are leaning towards to fit needs from pull-out waste or recycling cabinet 67%, cookie sheet drawer 56%, even 3% are including custom built-ins for pet bowls.

Keeping Walls Neutral 61% chose gray, beige or white while 38% chose white cabinets – this similar with last year’s finding that homeowners prefer kitchens that are soft and neutral. Of the 93% homeowners updating countertops the majority are choosing natural stone with 43% in the Northeast picking Granite

kitchen3MLS # S313592

Stainless steel appliances continue to hold firm with 75% homeowners going with stainless while 10% are choosing white and black came in at 8%.

MLS S341551MLS # S341551

Now for flooring…What do think the survey revealed for wall-to-wall carpeting in the kitchen? Any idea?   Well I will tell you that 34% nationwide choose Hardwood and in the Northeast it’s at 41%.

To View the entire survey go to:

  Houzz Kitchen Survery (2016)


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