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Market Monday: Adding Value to Your Home

Today we give you tips on how to maximize the value of our home, possible through easy and affordable fixes.

Meet with your BridgeView agent to discuss the protocols of getting an inspection done on your home long before pricing. A home inspector can help you see the things that you may not be able to see. A bug infestation, a leaky roof, or a broken pipe can be found and fixed easily with a inspector looking around. A huge cost-effective improvement you can use is paint. By giving every surface a new coat of paint increases the attractiveness of your home by tenfold. New paint can give your home a new and refurnished look that attracts many buyers. The best part of paint is that it is extremely inexpensive and pays off for you in the end.

If you choose to remodel portions of your home it is important to do plenty of research to find easy and affordable ways to increase value. Finding inspiration can really help you dig deep and make healthy designing decisions to make your home more attractive. Another tip that many people don’t think about is cutting your energy costs. Doing this is easy and saves you enough money to put towards other home improvement projects. Low maintenance landscaping can do wonders for a front yard and increase curb appeal. Curb appeal is a huge factor in the real estate market and cleaning up your lawn can have a large effect on how much your home is sold for. The more expensive you can make your home look, the more people will have no trouble paying the extra dollar.

Bathrooms and kitchens are other important selling points where renovations can help increase value. In these rooms it helps to visually increase square footage to make the rooms appear bigger. The more space, the more value in a home across the market. Any updates in kitchens and bathrooms add immediate value to your home and often help it sell quicker. Along with fixing walls and such with paint, it helps to replace worn out carpets and rugs as well. By doing all of these improvements yourself, it adds value to the buyers who are thrilled they don’t have to do these things after they move in.

By following these steps we hope you will find some simple and cost effective ways to add value to your home! Don’t forget to contact your BridgeView agent today!

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