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Superb Photography

In the real estate business, looks truly sell. The reason things like staging, cleanliness, and landscaping are so important is because presentation matters. Home buyers are more attracted to nice looking properties and we at BridgeView take pride in the fact that our pictures represent the property to the best of our ability.

Professional grade photographs help to sell homes quicker and for more money. According to, 92% of homebuyers use the internet in their search, meaning the photo of your home is a large part in their decision making. Nobody is impressed by a dull or blurry photo, it doesn’t do you or your home any favors. First impressions go a long way in real estate, make sure your home is being represented with professional grade photography. A good first impression can link a potential home buyer to positive emotion which will further steer them towards your home.

Here at BridgeView all of our agents use a professional grade camera and are trained to capture the best angles. Our agents know what to photograph to make your home look as appealing as possible. Our agents know how to stage areas for pictures and decorate them appropriately. Set up and preparation must be done prior to the photography to create the compositions you see here on our website. We also have the expertise to choose only the best photos post-production to put online and into the market. At BridgeView it’s a team effort and everyone reaps the benefits of success when good pictures sell homes. Call one of our agents today to get started!

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