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Thinking to Buy Thursday

There are plenty tricks of the trade when it comes to home buying, and we are here to help!

House hunting can be a challenging part of home buying and it calls for extensive research. Before setting out into the market you need to be sure of what style of home you are looking for and in what type of neighborhood. It can be helpful to make a wish list of sorts to keep track of all the features you are looking for. However, if you do make a wish list keep in mind that your perfect property may not be out there. Be sure to be thorough with this process, really check the insides and outsides of houses at each property you visit. Know that your purchase is an investment for the future, and should be treated as such. Trusting your instincts is important in this process as well as trusting your BridgeView agent. A home inspection is also important if you are thinking about purchasing an older home. This is a key way to inspect deeper than the surface area of the home that is visible to you.

Financing is another large component to be aware of when buying a home. It is important to meet with financial advisers about mortgages to figure out your target range of what you can afford. A helpful tip to remember is that your documents and debt should be accounted for as well. The more educated you are on where you stand with financing, the easier it will be to find the right property for you and your budget. Always remember to ask plenty of questions during this process, the more you know the better. Be aware of the market and pricing, and where you want to be to live comfortably. Consult family and friends to figure out what exactly you are looking for and where you want to be for the future.

The last part to the home buying process is one that we here at BridgeView are very skilled at, making an offer. You must know what other houses around it have sold for and take into account how long the home or property has been on the market. The status of the market at that time is what ultimately determines the price of the home. Another tactful way to approach pricing is to look at the monthly payments as opposed to the big number, it can be less intimidating. When negotiating, it is important to make the lowest offer possible, but never cross the line and insult the sellers. Appreciate the true value of the house and know that what you can and can’t afford doesn’t change the market or value. The rule of thumb with negotiating is to be prepared, be informed, and remain realistic at all times.

With the help of your BridgeView agent and these tips, home buying should be a walk in the park!


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