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Thinking to Move Thursday

Moving is another long process that is often overlooked by people in the real estate world, here are some tips to help you. 

Perhaps the most important advice we can give you is to allow yourself plenty of time to move out of  your home for the new tenants to come in. The easiest and quickest way to pack everything up is to organize and de-clutter your things in advance. It usually helps to sort things into three piles; donations, trash, and things to bring to your new home. Essentials such as boxes, trash bags, and packing tape should be ready to go from the start, with enough to last you the duration of the move. It also helps save time by packing one room at a time, not multiple rooms at once and helps keep your organization together. While packing it is also important to use labels on all sides so it is easier to keep track of things once they are packed away and stacked on top of one another.

Instead of wrapping breakables in paper, use clothing to reduce space and waste during your moving process. Avoid packing boxes more than 50lbs so accidents may be avoided, and use as many free boxes as you can find locally. Adding makeshift handles to boxes can also make them easier to move from one location to the next. Convince friends and family members to help and move the process quicker. Another important piece of advice is to keep all of your important files and documents in one place. Buy binders and folders so that no papers are lost in the craziness of moving. Don’t forget necessities like light bulbs, toiletries, food, or even soap for the kitchen sink. Be sure to keep a checklist handy of things to do and check things off as you go.

We hope this advice helps you after our wonderful agents find you a new home!

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