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Tip of the Day Tuesday: For Sale By Owner

There are many misconceptions commonly associated with selling without an agent.

Many people believe that it is easier and cheaper to sell their homes without an agent. Depending on the circumstance, this could be true for some people in the market. However, for the most part this is often false and puts a burden on the sellers. Without an agent, sellers must price their house as accurately as possible, qualify a buyer, advertise, familiarize themselves with real estate contracts and regulations, not to mention do the closing details themselves. There is an incredible risk these sellers are taking both legally and financially. If mistakes are made, it can end up costing the seller big time money that they could have saved for their next home. Usually pricing can cost the most money loss when sellers sell without an agent, as there is usually a sense of urgency pushing the seller to sell for less.

Safety can also be a concern for many people, such as being alone when your house is being shown. Doing your own background checks is a bit of work to tackle on your own before you let someone into your home. All valuables should be out of sight when you show your home, and personal information should not be displayed anywhere. You should be well versed in housing terms and make sure you show all of your best aspects of the home to potential buyers. Knowing how to negotiate properly with potential buyers is also extremely important since there is nobody to do it for you. The legality of real estate is very specific and can get complicated, especially if not handled correctly. Being a liability to yourself is a great risk to take and should be done with extreme caution.

Advertising is perhaps the most important avenue any seller can have, and may not have a lot of if the home is sold by owner. Real estate agents are usually part of brokerages where they have good marketing outlets. Whether it is in the paper, on several Facebook pages, a website or otherwise, all may be advantages that you as an individual may not have access to. The more people are aware of your home, the bigger market you may reach to sell. Here at BridgeView we have agents with years of experience and plenty of advertising outlets to help you sell your home. Don’t risk selling by yourself, there is too much at risk and only a small payoff if you succeed. Much can be learned from working with a brokerage and we certainly hope BridgeView is the one you choose.


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