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Tip of the Day Tuesday: How to Get Started in Real Estate

It is not extremely hard to become a real estate agent, but it can be difficult to be a GREAT one. Below we have some tips that many of our agents use to succeed.

In order to gain a real estate license, it is required that you take a pre-licensing course and then pass a final examination. However, after this is completed, sales do not just fall into your lap. Being a successful real estate agent means incorporating lots of different skills into your work life. First, it is extremely important to do your research and evaluate what you want in a brokerage before you join one. While real estate allows you freedom to work as you wish it is valuable to establish connections with other realtors and build a network. When you are a real estate agent, it usually allows for more freedom which in turn requires self-discipline. This occupation differs from others in the fact that you are in charge of all aspects yourself. This may include marketing, web design, scheduling and bookkeeping for yourself. It is perhaps most crucial to be aware of new technologies and be comfortable using them in the best possible way. These skills are important ones to possess in such a field and should be used with the utmost efficiency.

Other important traits that we preach here at BridgeView include passion, motivation, willingness to grow, and adaptability. Passion and motivation are things that you can draw from within yourself to really accelerate in the world of real estate. By staying motivated and doing things with a purpose and passion will make your experiences more enjoyable and positive for you and your clients. Stay motivated by volunteering to work with new people around the office for different projects and causes in the brokerage where you can thrive and build up your knowledge base. Be sure to always be clear and prompt with clients and other agents who enlist for your services. It adds value to your sale when you yourself are presentable and professional as well. As time goes on you are sure to encounter many failures and have deals and conflicts that fall through. Throughout this process you will need to learn to cope with failures and adapt to every new situation that comes your way. The market is versatile and almost anything can happen, so be prepared to deal with it. Overall, our most important tip at BridgeView is to remain confident and personable in all of your deals. Trust in your abilities and be confident in the market and your knowledge of the area to carry you through.

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