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Tip of the Day Tuesday: Staging Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your house quickly, staging your home can be a very important way to speed up your process by impressing buyers. 

Lets face it, as much as we like to believe that appearances don’t matter, they sure do in the real estate market. The way your home is presented to the market can have a large influence on buyers. Today, we have some tips for you on how to most effectively stage your house once it is put on the market. These tips are meant to minimize the time your home is on the market and hopefully catches buyers at your original price.

Curb appeal is initial impression when selling your property. Buyers are drawn to nice landscaping, mowed lawns, and appropriate furniture. It is so incredibly important to stage the outside of your home as well as the inside. The three P’s are recommended highly; power washing, painting, and planting. Power washing your porch and the outside of your home can give it a more clean feeling and remove any dirt that has gathered. Painting the outside of your home and staining your porch or deck can make them more aesthetically pleasing to buyers. Planting and landscaping bushes or flowers is also a large attraction for buyers. It is so easy to make the outside of your home more appealing in the market by following these simple tips. If you have a porch or stoop for your front door, it is best to make that space welcoming and inviting with either furniture or decorations.

Next up is the inside of the house, the other half of your property. The number one rule is to de-clutter everything in your house. This includes rooms, shelves, closets and any other space or surface that seems to collect your junk. When people tour your home they tend to be very nosy and open lots of drawers and closets, so by making sure that they are clean they become more appealing. It is even better to de-clutter your closets and show them off by keeping the doors open and maximizing space inside of them to attract buyers.

Other than maximizing space in every area, cleaning is the other key of staging your home. Your home should be so clean that every surface sparkles and looks appealing to a buyer. The cleanliness should enhance the more modern style of the home as well so that you attract a larger spectrum of buyers who are looking for a modern and upscale home. It is extremely important to make every area in your home alluring to the buyers eye, make use of every awkward space you may have and it will pay off in the market. To help make your style more appealing it is crucial to have neutral colors in every room of your home and to rearrange furniture so that it is more symmetrical and open to socializing. Another major component of the interior of your home are the floors. If wooden floors need to be refurnished we encourage you to do so unless you can be very strategic with your placing of decorative rugs. Floors can not always be hidden and should be taken care of when the house is put on the market.

Lastly, being aware of pet odors and hair is another big part of staging a home. No potential buyer wants to smell your cat’s litter box or see your pets hair all over the furniture and floor of the home. By looking at every aspect with a visitors eye can be very beneficial to you during this process. Always remain critical of yourself and ask friends and family for opinions and advice on what they think looks best as a an outsider.

We hope this blog was of help to you and please contact your BridgeView Real Estate agent to help you stage your home!


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