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Waterfront Wednesday: Alexandria Bay

Alexandria is known as “The Heart of the Thousand Islands” and has so much to offer, especially in the summer months!

Located on the spectacular St. Lawrence Seaway, Alexandria Bay offers much more than just a summer getaway. Year-round the area is beautiful and hosts a wonderful and welcoming community. In the summer months, possibilities are endless in the Bay with community activities, boating, fishing charters, golfing, attractions, scuba diving and the wine trail. Attractions are what draw the most people to the area in the summer as history exudes from the St. Lawrence shores. The romantic story of George C. Boldt building Boldt Castle for his terminally ill wife goes back a century and brings many sightseers to the North Country. Singer Castle is another popular destination for many on Dark Island, as it is the only finished and complete castle from centuries ago on the seaway. Bonnie Castle continues the castle theme of Alexandria Bay with a resort and marina available for visitors. There is an Antique Boat Museum that ties in with the boat/scenic tours that are offered. The drive-in theater and go carts are meant to entertain people of all ages. The Clayton Marina allows boats to be rented so that you may maximize your water adventures, kayak rentals are also available. The Coyote Moon Vineyards are well-known across the north country and are located in Alexandria Bay, tours of the wine trail and tastings are just a few more activities to partake in.

One of the biggest events of the summer is Bill Johnston’s Pirate Days, which occur for 10 days. Local businesses thrive during this weekend and the restaurants and pubs are filled. This period is most notable for the amount of participation it receives in the community. Walking through the streets you will see most everyone dressed in Pirate attire and celebrating the history of the area and Bill Johnston himself. Bill Johnston was a renegade after the Patriots war and was hunted by officials all through the 1000 Islands. These days mimic when pirates appeared at towns and took them over, when everyone in the town then became a pirate, recreating some of Johnston’s exploits. The town draws in so many people during this time period, local lodging and campgrounds are usually filled. So many pirate events are scheduled and sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, it is definitely worth checking out. It is also suggested you indulge in the local restaurants in the area such as the Clipper Inn, Cavallario’s Steak & Seafood and the Bonnie Castle Resort & Marina. With all of the local history and summer fun, speak to one of our BridgeView agents today about exploring this area for your new home or cottage!


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