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Waterfront Wednesday: Selling

Today we are going to discuss tips we have for selling a waterfront home as opposed to buying one. 

When selling a waterfront home, it is important to understand that marketing and selling will be a bit different since your home has its own unique aspects. Be sure to communicate clearly with your BridgeView agent and discuss different marketing strategies for your home, including how you think it should be advertised. Its extremely important to hire an agent with experience like the ones we have here at BridgeView. Our agents know the market, competition, and how to sell waterfront style homes. We are able to sell your home with words and represent it with high quality pictures and videos for the market to view.

Like other homes, pricing is perhaps the most important factor when selling. Evaluate all aspects of your home and be sure to compare with properties that are most similar to yours. Be sure to include location, waterfront size, frontage and the community if there is one. This research will help you price your home right from the start, which will hopefully attract the right buyers for you. When you get the opportunity to show your waterfront home, it is most important to show off waterfront visibility. Make sure that there is nothing obstructing the view of the water from your home. If you have a dock, be sure to make sure that is readily accessible for the buyers to see so that the option entices them. If the dock is safe and high-quality, it will surely add to your sale. Also be sure that your shoreline is clean, as is the water from any debri or weeds that may have gathered. Especially for families, swimming is a big factor for them in purchasing a waterfront home. Along with curb appeal, shore appeal is equally as crucial to many buyers. Appearances really do matter in the real estate world, and having your home look appealing from several different angles can set you apart from your competition.

By ensuring all parts of the home will be portrayed correctly, it is possible to portray a certain type of lifestyle as well. Staging techniques can also assist you in making this sale with open houses. As with any other sale, the number one rule is to be patient and prepared for anything the market may throw at you. Here at BridgeView we are excited to offer our services and help you throughout your real estate journey!

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