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Waterfront Wednesday: Property Hunting

You may want to live on the waterfront, but do you know how to find a property that’s just right for you?

First, you need to be in touch with your individual needs and wants as a buyer. Do you have a family that you want to be located in a specific school district? Do you have a boat you want to dock at your home? Are you more into the aesthetics of just being able to view the lake from your home? Water and dock access often plays a big part for many buyers and is something to be considered. The location of the property in terms of nearby cities or towns should also be considered with logistics.

Next, when viewing properties be sure to explore more than just the house. The water should be tested to see if its too muddy, shallow or deep for your personal needs. Make sure you know how close you wish to be to your neighbors and how much privacy you would prefer. If anything the property can be more important than the home itself depending on what you want from it. Utilities also play a big part in waterfront homes and buyers should be sure to check for suburban features such as cable, internet and clean water. In rural areas some of these features may be unavailable and expensive to bring in so it is important to discover this before purchasing.

Another good idea would be to speak to your potential neighbors about the property and the surrounding community. Insurance is also a thing to discuss with potential neighbors and your agent. Insurance is different for waterfront properties, especially if you purchase a home in an area where there are heavy storms and damage that could occur. This leads us to the importance of figuring out weather patterns, and how the snow of the North Country will affect you on the waterfront. With our heavy lake effect snow and strong winds in the winter, your waterfront home will take quite the beating.

Lastly, if you wish to alter the property in any way, it is best to be proactive to figure out what can and can’t be done before you purchase. It is also important to look into loans early since waterfront homes tend to be more expensive than those not on the water. Overall, choosing a home that fits your lifestyle the best is the most important thing about this process. BridgeView agents are well equipped to help you through this method and care about finding that perfect waterfront home for you.



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